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Private view, Thursday June 22th, 6-8pm.

Four ceramic artists from Japan, the UK and Italy explore aspects of Japanese art and culture through their work. Each artist, all from different backgrounds, is drawn towards a particular theme - ceramic tradition, aesthetics, philosophy and traditional theatre.

Kiramics organically creates functional and sculptural objects and forms that explore different technical processes. Her work is deeply influenced by Zen garden aesthetics and the art of Haiku poetry.

Mori makes individual functional and semi-functional ware influenced by the memories of his mother and grandmother’s traditional Japanese domestic pottery.

Jo Aylmer makes slip cast porcelain vessels that respond to the Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki’s statement, ‘Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty’.

Andrea Scopetta's work is distinguished by a Zen philosophy approach to sculpture and influenced by Noh theatre and masks.

They come together in this exhibition to cross culture, to express their individual interpretations of Japan.


Sway Gallery

70-72 Old street




Monday - Friday

11am- 7pm

Weekends: appointment only

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